[Digikam-users] Tag autoselect improving ?

Photonoxx photonoxx at free.fr
Mon Nov 7 20:50:51 GMT 2011

--Sorry one more time, I miss the select of the right email account for  
sending to digikam list, so may be this message will in double--

Actually, Digikam tag selection offers four setting for autoselecting (or
not) in a tag hierarchy.

No auto select
Auto select/unselect parents
Auto select/unselect childs
auto select/unselect both

Can anybody could say me if there something like that in the digikam wish

Auto select parents / deselect childs ?

I explain... Usually, I use this king of hierarchy

Common tag/..../specific tag, like for example :


If I would tag a picture with the "Gisors" town tag, it is coherent if I
auto select parents, but if I tag too specifically and I decide to uncheck
Gisors tag : All my hierarchy is unselect, which is not logical in this
case, specific tag wouldn't avoid general tag...

In an other hand, if I make a mistake and my picture was taken in england
(yes, I'm really silly), if I uncheck France tag "Normandy/Eure/Gisors"
stay checked, which is incoherent too (picture can't take place in Gisors
but not in France !)

So it seems to me, this could be really improved by adding an option to
set this kind of behavior :

If I check a tag, parents tags are checked too
If I uncheck a tag, childs tags are unchecked too

What do you think about that ?

Nicolas Boulesteix
Photographe chasseur de lueurs

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