[Digikam-users] Compiling from git

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Wed Aug 24 13:11:26 BST 2011

Normaly digikam is in your home/your_user_dir/digikam-software-compilation
everything should be there. It is a good praktice to make a subfolder 
¨build¨ from where you build, so your git clone would not be messed up, 
but if you did not, it is hard to tell by now what is original and what 
is not. If you did, you can delete the entire buildfolder and try again.
But the make process might have put elsewhwere on the system files whit 
root access, the next time you try it complains about not having access 
to files and then you have the rights on individual files, as I had to 
yesterday several times in spite of deleting entire digikam and makin a 
new clone.
Op 24-08-11 13:54, Marie-Noëlle Augendre schreef:
> Before doing anything nasty/hasty, I would like very much to
> understand where all this procedure is going to put the files/folders
> it'll be using.
> At the moment my /home folder is full of things I don't want here ...
> isn't it possible to do that in a subfolder?
> By the way, what is the digikam-software-compilation for? the git
> clone? temporary files for the compilation?
both, there is a command to clean it up afterwards, I think something 
like make install clean or something like that.
> And I wouldn't like to have to clone the git one more time, as my
> connection is very poor, and I took me a great more time than any of
> you, I think.
> Marie-Noëlle
> 2011/8/24 Rinus<sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl>:
>> I removed everyting and started from scratch, that,s what Gilles told me to do, sorry to tell you so
>> Marie-Noëlle Augendre<mnaugendre at gmail.com>schreef:
>>> Arrghh !!! I did it once again, just to be on the safe side ... but I
>>> was still working as root!!!
>>> What did you need to remove when you did that, before running 'make'
>>> again as a normal user?
>>> Marie-Noëlle

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