[Digikam-users] Import-Workflow with RAW-Pictures

Axel nospamforaxel-1 at yahoo.de
Wed Aug 24 10:10:40 BST 2011

Dear Digikam-Team,

First I want to thank you for the excellent work you are doing by
providing digikam to the open-source community. Very useful and
promising software.

I would like to have a work-flow for importing photos like the
1. Import the photos (both .jpg and .cr2) from a camera or Memory-Card.
   That's possible.Check.
2. Rename the photos according to a scheme that fits to my ideas.
   I recognized that it is possible to rename a bunch of photos but  
   I have not found a way to save this scheme for later use. I always
   have to re-enter the renaming-pattern.
   -> Is there a way to save the renaming-pattern? 
3. After importing, I would like to move the raw-files (.cr2) to a
   different location within the same 'importing process'.
   Would that be possible?
4. I would like to have the a possibility to keep the raw-files (.cr2)
   as versions of the .jpg-files and be able to administrate them in a
   way that I can for example distribute EXIF-Data, tags, stars to all
   versions of the same photo in an efficient way.
   -> I did not find such possibilities in Digikam. Could you comment
      on that?

Thank you in advance for your comments.
Best regards

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