[Digikam-users] Not opening in Mint problem solved

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Mon Aug 22 14:48:38 BST 2011

Op 22-08-11 14:20, Paul Verizzo schreef:
> Sort of.  Dumped Mint.
> I wiped the partition and installed PC Linux OS, figuring that it's a 
> native KDE distro.  (And not related to Ubuntu, which from here seems 
> to have lots of issues.)
> I started poking around on the Menu, and there dK was already!  Not 
> installed, but the link which installed it w/o issue. I was surprised 
> to see that it was 1.9.x.
> BUT, now dk doesn't see my three albums.  During installation I 
> pointed it to my database which I keep in C:\Documents and Settings, 
> app data, yada yada.  If I opened up Settings, it acknowledged my 
> three folders for albums.  But no albums in the tree view.  What the 
> heck, I deleted those and re-added them.  DK did its image search, but 
> still no albums.
This is an interesting point for further investigation.
> I sense I'm forgetting or overlooking something really, really 
> simple.  A "Doh!" moment yet to come.
> I like the PCLOS a lot, BTW.  At least as much as Mint, maybe more.  
> Negative: The GRUB loader doesn't have a default OS after X seconds, 
> it just sits there.  Mint has a GRUB settings function, haven't found 
> similar in PCL.  Haven't looked for the ini file yet, either, to 
> manually change it.
> Just to show I'm going to the ends of the digital earth for digiKam on 
> Linux, I'm in the process of installing Virtual Box on my XP. Wow, I'd 
> forgotten what a head banger that is!
If this is for the sake of dk it is just going to cause more 
frustration, I am talking from experience.
> Best,   Paul
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