[Digikam-users] Re: Help! Installation of new exiv2 2.0??

Hevï Guy heviiguy at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 23:01:47 GMT 2010

Somebody was very kind to provide me with detailed instructions (merci,
Christian). Unfortunately, they were for a Fedora system (I'm running
Maverick). I was able to find a cross-reference of Fedora vs Ubuntu
commands and, I think I did fairly well. Unfortunately, I fell into a
Fedora hole and can't get out now. As a result, I have no digiKam at all
on my box! 

I'm not embarrassed to say that I AM NOT A COMMAND LINE KINDA GUY!!! It
seems that many über-techies in the Linux world treat the rest of us
with utter disdain. I feel like I'm being laughed at because I'm not a
member of this very elite club. I can't stress enough that I am on my
knees appealing for, no, BEGGING for some detailed instructions that I
can simply cut and paste to get this wonderful program working for me
the way that it was intended. 

It amazes me that in spite of there probably being hundreds of people in
the same position (needing to upgrade so that we can overcome this damn
exiv2 Nikon bug), everybody must reinvent their own wheel! What's the
story? Perhaps there's a reason for this but, it's simply bizarre to me.
Does it give perverse pleasure to the experts when watching those who
aren't members of this elite society struggling and almost drowning
until they're forced to swim back to the evil Windoze shore? YES, you
are gods! I'll run out and find a goat so that I can sacrifice it to
you! Then, will someone PLEASE take pity on not only me but also on my
fellow simple mortals and provide us with the guidance that we so
desperately require? I already owe Christian a beer, there will be
another one for whichever Good Samaritan will light the way.

On Sat, 2010-12-18 at 07:04 +0100, Gilles Caulier wrote: 

> You want mean exiv2 0.20 or 0.21.
> To use these version in digiKam, you need to recompile and install
> libkexiv2, the KDE/Qt interface of Exiv2 used by digiKam.
> After that, digiKam and kipi-plugins need to be recompiled too.
> If you use precompiled packages, try to update libkexiv2 as well.
> After go to Help/Components Info from digiKam to see which version is
> used in background.
> Gilles Caulier
> 2010/12/18 Hevï Guy <heviiguy at gmail.com>:
> > Hello everybody. Please pardon my ignorance but, I'm much more of a
> > photographer than a Linux wizard...
> >
> > Like many others, I've been plagued by the problem of slowwwwwwww... photo
> > imports. Yes, I am a proud Nikon D90 owner. I understand that exiv2 was the
> > culprit and I also know that version 2 has been developed to overcome the
> > problem. This is good. What's not good is that I have absolutely no idea
> > whatsoever about how to take advantage of this new file; How do I
> > incorporate it into my version of DigiKam (1.6.0) running on Ubuntu 10.10???
> >
> > If anybody can lead me through the painful process (with many noob-necessary
> > details) I would be very appreciative.
> >
> > Ciao y'all.
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