[Digikam-users] Re: Wife Demands Access to Pics

Paul Verizzo paulv at paulv.net
Sat Dec 11 13:59:37 GMT 2010

I'll resist the temptation of suggesting priorities, the wife or 

Since I have two computers that I use a lot I keep all my photo files 
updated between them.  But with the original dK database in my 
c:\dig_photos directory, conflicts would arise as I sync'ed one computer 
to the other.

The solution was simple: I specified that the database will henceforth 
reside in c:\Documents and Settings\Me\Application Data\digiKam 
Database.  When I upgraded from the KDE for Windows (yuk!) version to 
the compiled for Windows version (luv you guys!), there was my database 
all read for the using.   Now, after sync'ing the new images, it takes 
only some few seconds for dK to update its own database on each computer. 

Longwindedly, i think I'm saying  you each can have your own databases  
if you want.   Or,  a third mutual one?   Is there another photo program 
out  there that let's a guy - or a marriage? - do this?  (Menage a 

Pretty cool.   But stick to one bed, if I may offer advice!

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