[Digikam-users] Lost tags in MySQL move

John B. Egger jbe9 at cornell.edu
Sat Dec 11 14:13:18 GMT 2010

My switch to a MySQL database last night appeared successful, but on
booting this morning my tags are missing. Using MySQL Navigator to view
ImageTags gives two columns of numbers (imageid, tagid; fields 2,
records 777), Tags is empty (id, pid, name, icon, iconkde, lft, rgt;
fields 7, records 0), and TagsTree is also empty (id, pid; fields 2,
records 0).

The "records 777" in ImageTags may be my total number of images (I'm
just getting started). I only have about 20 tags defined (again, just
getting started) but it would be nice to get them back from SQLite
without recreating them.     

(Digikam 1.4.0)

Registered Linux User #291592
Kubuntu Maverick Meerkat, KDE 4.5.1

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