[Digikam-users] Re: Reflections on moving albums between collections

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Wed Dec 8 14:10:42 GMT 2010

> #1:
> In the middle of the move of one album with around 300 images, digiKam
> crashed. When I restarted digiKam the album was present in both
> locations but only with, the same, 79 images in them. On disk all the
> images were moved to the new location.
> Is there a way to recover from this? Or do I need to use the backup?
> #2:
> When an album has been moved to a new collection, it's still available
> in the old collection. All thumbnails are there and the images can be
> filtered with their tags. It's not until another album is moved,
> deleted or created the moved album is deleted from it's original
> space. Is this a known fault/feature?

I have seen a bug report or two about such a problem. I dont know yet what's 
wrong; it's a very strange behavior, as normally, digikam scans all folders at 
startup and will cleanup after any crash or move (and of course, it also scans 
when a file move is detected while running).

You dont have Scan at Startup disabled?

> #3:
> (I'm still using sqlite)
> When moving albums like above the db gets bigger and bigger. When I
> started the db was just under 16MB and when I was finished it was just
> over 24MB. Only thing done was moving albums. I haven't looked in the
> tables so I don't know if there are any duplicate entries or such.
> When 1.6.0 was delivered I saw that there was a bug fixed that
> prevented the db to be cleaned. I upgrade to 1.6.0  in hope of that
> was the problem. But it seemed not to help in this situation, the db
> still increases.
> Any comments on that? Can I clean the db? If that's the problem.

I also presumed that the problem is now fixed. Please note that the old 
entries are not deleted immediately, only after a certain time or a certain 
number of application runs.


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