[Digikam-users] Re: Reflections on moving albums between collections

Stedtlund falolaf at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 17:09:17 GMT 2010

2010/12/8 Marcel Wiesweg <marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de>:
>> #1:
>> In the middle of the move of one album with around 300 images, digiKam
>> crashed. When I restarted digiKam the album was present in both
>> locations but only with, the same, 79 images in them. On disk all the
>> images were moved to the new location.
>> Is there a way to recover from this? Or do I need to use the backup?
>> #2:
>> When an album has been moved to a new collection, it's still available
>> in the old collection. All thumbnails are there and the images can be
>> filtered with their tags. It's not until another album is moved,
>> deleted or created the moved album is deleted from it's original
>> space. Is this a known fault/feature?
> I have seen a bug report or two about such a problem. I dont know yet what's
> wrong; it's a very strange behavior, as normally, digikam scans all folders at
> startup and will cleanup after any crash or move (and of course, it also scans
> when a file move is detected while running).
> You dont have Scan at Startup disabled?

I now see that I have that option disabled. Now it's to late to test that... :-)

>> #3:
>> (I'm still using sqlite)
>> When moving albums like above the db gets bigger and bigger. When I
>> started the db was just under 16MB and when I was finished it was just
>> over 24MB. Only thing done was moving albums. I haven't looked in the
>> tables so I don't know if there are any duplicate entries or such.
>> When 1.6.0 was delivered I saw that there was a bug fixed that
>> prevented the db to be cleaned. I upgrade to 1.6.0  in hope of that
>> was the problem. But it seemed not to help in this situation, the db
>> still increases.
>> Any comments on that? Can I clean the db? If that's the problem.
> I also presumed that the problem is now fixed. Please note that the old
> entries are not deleted immediately, only after a certain time or a certain
> number of application runs.

Do you know the time frame?

That could probably be an user decided value in the future. Or maybe
have "Would you like to clean the db now?" button, somewhere.

> Marcel
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