[Digikam-users] Why the change in tagging?

Joe Wrigley joe at wrigley.me.uk
Tue Aug 3 12:21:55 BST 2010

When I came back to digikam a few months ago, I was overjoyed to find
how much easier it was to tag images. I'm quite a keyboard-oriented
person, and I found that the ability to tag via the "new tag" box was

The behaviour used to be this:

"start typing a tag" if the string typed matched an existing one, it
would offer to complete the tag. If not, a new tag was created, *and
applied*. This made tagging very quick and easy. I could start typing
existing tags, hit enter, hit comma, start again and it would quickly
create new tags and tag the image.

Now, the behaviour has changed. The "new tag" box only creates the
tag, it doesn't select its checkbox. This means I have to create a new
tag, and then go find it to select it. It also doesn't auto-complete
the existing tags.

I'm gutted that this has changed, as it's a big enough issue that I'll
be looking at alternative tagging mechanisms. The older behaviour was
the best I've used in any app.

I haven't been able to find a mention in the changelog that explains
the change. Anybody else notice this?


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