[Digikam-users] Why the change in tagging?

Johannes Wienke jwienke at techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Tue Aug 3 12:42:47 BST 2010

Joe Wrigley wrote:
> When I came back to digikam a few months ago, I was overjoyed to find
> how much easier it was to tag images. I'm quite a keyboard-oriented
> person, and I found that the ability to tag via the "new tag" box was
> great.
> The behaviour used to be this:
> "start typing a tag" if the string typed matched an existing one, it
> would offer to complete the tag. If not, a new tag was created, *and
> applied*. This made tagging very quick and easy. I could start typing
> existing tags, hit enter, hit comma, start again and it would quickly
> create new tags and tag the image.
> Now, the behaviour has changed. The "new tag" box only creates the
> tag, it doesn't select its checkbox. This means I have to create a new
> tag, and then go find it to select it. It also doesn't auto-complete
> the existing tags.
> I'm gutted that this has changed, as it's a big enough issue that I'll
> be looking at alternative tagging mechanisms. The older behaviour was
> the best I've used in any app.
> I haven't been able to find a mention in the changelog that explains
> the change. Anybody else notice this?

This was fixed in trunk and will be available in the next version.


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