[Digikam-users] Albums: how do you organize them?

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Fri Apr 30 07:36:04 BST 2010

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> If the pictures are linked to a particular place, I geotag 
> their (all photos, not only these with star) with digikam, 
> and add a tag of this kind
> :
> /country/NameOfTheCountry/NameOfTheRegion/NameOfTheDepartment/
> NameOfTheTown/NameOfThePlace
> I don't use all steps each time (especially, region and 
> department are only used for location in France, Town is use 
> only when I'm in one...  
> etc...)
> And after, I use some tag for particular kind of picture 
> like... Insects, Trees, Lanscape, Flower, etc...

I didn't mention my tagging system.  I try to keep it fairly heirarchical to avoid having too many tags in the list to choose from, i.e. so I can collapse the branches I'm not using.  I put people's names under a /people branch, mammals under a /animals/mammals branch, reptiles under /animals/reptiles, etc.  

Birds, which I mainly photograph have a more complex system.  They are in /animals/birds, then the letters a-z, being the initial letter or each species "name group", then the name groups, then the common names.  E.g. /animals/birds/s/Shoveler/Northern Shoveler.  The heirarchy is not set up to indicate any kind of relationship between the species, it's purely to help me find the tags easily.  Scolling through a list of 1000s of species sorted alphabetically by the first part of the name is not helpful.  In that particular example, if the heirarchy is all collapsed, I only need to expand 4 branches then scan through a short list of shovelers (just 2 in my country).

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