[Digikam-users] Managing raw and jpeg at the same time?

Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Tue Apr 20 06:48:24 BST 2010

Hadmut Danisch schrieb:
> Hi,
> what is the best current practise for that problem?
>     * I'd like to keep my raw images as the master and enter Tags,
>       Annotations, things for IPTC and XMP for the master file (i.e.
>       into the database since writing to raw images is not supported and
>       I'd like to keep my raws untouched)
>     * In those cases where I am happy with the raw image, I'd like to
>       export them to jpeg or png automatically (batch) into a directory
>       outside the digikam repository, to avoid having the same image
>       twice in the database, but with the given data in IPTC and XMP

That is a way I currently don't go. I am not realy satisified with the
results of digikams raw converter in most cases. If  I don't like the
jpeg results I use ufraw and generate a new one. All my files are under
control of digikam. The ufraw results usually are located in an other
local directory, but under digikam as well. If I have already tagged my
files (jpeg and raw) I usually export the exif/iptc/xmp data, copy them
to the new directory and add them to the new created files (after all
needed work on the picture). If I am satisfied with the result I copy
the resulting jpegs back to the original directory (and overwrite my old
jpegs). As I am doing regular backup every night there is not much loose
of data (and I have the raws untouched anyway).

>     * In those cases where I am not happy with the raw, I'd like to use
>       ufraw and write a ufraw file with the corrections and parameters
>       I'd like to use. This means that there is not a second picture
>       file, just something that generates a second picture when called
>       with ufraw-batch. Again, should export and keep IPTC and XMP, but
>       that time should appear as a separate image with a separate
>       thumbnail in digikam.
> Any way to achieve that?

I don't know any automatic way of this. There is much handwork in the
pictures anyway, so the little copy actions is done without increasing
the time that much. I currently use some scripts to handle some of my
most used parts automatically. Currently I don't know digikams
batch-system very well - I don't know if this is possible with it as well.

> best regards
> Hadmut


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