[Digikam-users] Managing raw and jpeg at the same time?

Hadmut Danisch hadmut at danisch.de
Thu Apr 15 23:27:56 BST 2010


what is the best current practise for that problem?

    * I'd like to keep my raw images as the master and enter Tags,
      Annotations, things for IPTC and XMP for the master file (i.e.
      into the database since writing to raw images is not supported and
      I'd like to keep my raws untouched)

    * In those cases where I am happy with the raw image, I'd like to
      export them to jpeg or png automatically (batch) into a directory
      outside the digikam repository, to avoid having the same image
      twice in the database, but with the given data in IPTC and XMP

    * In those cases where I am not happy with the raw, I'd like to use
      ufraw and write a ufraw file with the corrections and parameters
      I'd like to use. This means that there is not a second picture
      file, just something that generates a second picture when called
      with ufraw-batch. Again, should export and keep IPTC and XMP, but
      that time should appear as a separate image with a separate
      thumbnail in digikam.

Any way to achieve that?

best regards

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