[Digikam-users] red eye

Simon Oosthoek somlist at xs4all.nl
Tue Apr 13 10:12:39 BST 2010

dantou_9 wrote:
> <snip>
google translate can function a little bit like a dictionary ;-)

> And afterall, I don't get respons to my question ? Why the red-eyes tool
> don't give me real-black eyes, and why is it a square and not a circle,
> than eyes are round ?
> Tanks to read me
> Daniel
Hi Daniel

I rarely use the red-eye removal feature, because I almost never use the 
flash. But I found an example image online to try out what digikam does 
with it.

In digikam, you must select the eye and then choose enhance->red-eye... 
(I don't know how this menu is called in the french translation)
Then you get a (quite complicated) screen to modify the saturation of 
the selection.

I don't know how to change the selection shape, perhaps this isn't possible?

If this is important to you, perhaps you should file a bug-report on 
bugs.kde.org for digikam...

I usually use "the gimp" for editing photo's, it does allow oval or 
circular selection and it has a very good red-eye removal tool.

I hope this helps you



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