[Digikam-users] Empty Albums - solved

Errol Sapir errol at tzora.co.il
Fri Apr 9 13:35:53 BST 2010

I still haven't a reason for what happened but I solved the problem by 
deleting the digikam.db and re-scanning my hard drive with Digikam. This 
time all the photos are visible. I have no answers to the problem but at 
least I have a solution to see all my photos with Digikam.

On 04/09/2010 12:46 AM, Errol Sapir wrote:
> I have a strange problem which I hope I can describe. My OS is Kubuntu
> Lucy with Digikam 1.1.0. I recently copied all my digital photos to an
> external hard drive and Digikam did an amazing job of scanning and
> recognizing all my albums. All seemed well.
> On going through the albums to tag them etc. I suddenly found that
> various albums had no pictures shown in Digikam. In the the album
> column, the number of photos for the album were correctly stated, on
> doing a search, photos in the "empty" album were found and displayed.
> The album seems to be empty, no photos in the centre box, no data in the
> right hand column. Just the name of the album in the left hand column
> with the (correct) number of photos in that album. Nothing I can do
> seems to enable Digikam to "see or show" these photos when browsing in
> the albums in Digikam. I even copied one or two albums to my home drive
> and the same phenomena occurred. No pictures could be viewed in Digikam.
> The albums "not viewed" have nothing in common. They are random albums
> with photos in them that are the same format as all the other photos I
> have. The photos are all jpg and visible in any other program including
> Showfoto. The RAW photos I have are all visible. As I said the phenomena
> is some few (about 6) albums and even renaming the album didn't bring
> the photos to life.
> Confused and hoping for a solution.
> Errol
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