[Digikam-users] Empty Albums

Errol Sapir errol at tzora.co.il
Thu Apr 8 22:46:30 BST 2010

I have a strange problem which I hope I can describe. My OS is Kubuntu 
Lucy with Digikam 1.1.0. I recently copied all my digital photos to an 
external hard drive and Digikam did an amazing job of scanning and 
recognizing all my albums. All seemed well.
On going through the albums to tag them etc. I suddenly found that 
various albums had no pictures shown in Digikam. In the the album 
column, the number of photos for the album were correctly stated, on 
doing a search, photos in the "empty" album were found and displayed. 
The album seems to be empty, no photos in the centre box, no data in the 
right hand column. Just the name of the album in the left hand column 
with the (correct) number of photos in that album. Nothing I can do 
seems to enable Digikam to "see or show" these photos when browsing in 
the albums in Digikam. I even copied one or two albums to my home drive 
and the same phenomena occurred. No pictures could be viewed in Digikam. 
The albums "not viewed" have nothing in common. They are random albums 
with photos in them that are the same format as all the other photos I 
have. The photos are all jpg and visible in any other program including 
Showfoto. The RAW photos I have are all visible. As I said the phenomena 
is some few (about 6) albums and even renaming the album didn't bring 
the photos to life.
Confused and hoping for a solution.

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