[Digikam-users] Language

Frank H. Baker frank.h.baker at verizon.net
Thu Apr 8 19:41:49 BST 2010

As a well educated American mono linguist I have followed with great
amustment this thread, which seems to be primarily an argument among
speakers of European languages.  For myself, I have been enormously
pleased, and somewhat surprised, to find a site talking almost
exclusively in English and frequented not only by enthusiastic users but
serviced by the front line developers of a first class and difficult
development project.  I quite admire the language abilities of the
non-English contributors and the appreciate their willingness to
communicate in my native language.  Would that I were more versatile.
For better or worse the fact that the community has settled on English
advertises it as more than a small niche project of an insular group.

Frank Baker

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