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Marc Deop i Argemí damnshock at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 10:58:18 BST 2010

On Thursday April 8 2010 01:30:07 Bran Everseeking wrote:
> one of the best groups i ever belonged to had no language
> restrictions.  I did not see anything limiting me to english when I
> signed on.

There is no such limitation and probably never will be.

However, I don't find polite talking in a language many people will not 
understand in a place where discussion takes place. It is not only about 
getting help, it's about most of us to understand each other.  And I say that 
coming from a country where I have trouble speaking *my* language and where my 
family has suffered death, torture and prossecution for talking in catalan. 
(luckily that does not happen any more)

Although that does not change the fact that English is the "de facto" language 
in the open source world and therefore the most commong language in mailing 
lists such a this one. For that reason, I find logical to try to write in 
english for the good of all of us and not only the ones that understand the 
other languages you or whoever migh write on.

Finally, this is just my opinion although I've seen this kind of "nettique" in 
many many mailing listis. I know there is no rule about the language, I just 
find the right thing to do to write in English (as I find the right thing do to 
let people get out from rooms before I try to get in even though there is 
nowhere a rule for that...).

Trying to be constructive,

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