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Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 11:05:27 BST 2010

As i'm French, i understand all words posted in this Mailing list.

But i don't respond to this question in French : the mailing list is
in English as well. Why ? to share responses to a lots of users. This
is the open source goal. To be comprehensive to a lots of users. That

French language is not universal, especially in open source and
internet world : it's English. A lots of French peoples forget this

Just my 10cts€ (:=)))

Gilles Caulier

2010/4/8 Marc Deop i Argemí <damnshock at gmail.com>:
> On Thursday April 8 2010 01:30:07 Bran Everseeking wrote:
>> one of the best groups i ever belonged to had no language
>> restrictions.  I did not see anything limiting me to english when I
>> signed on.
> There is no such limitation and probably never will be.
> However, I don't find polite talking in a language many people will not
> understand in a place where discussion takes place. It is not only about
> getting help, it's about most of us to understand each other.  And I say that
> coming from a country where I have trouble speaking *my* language and where my
> family has suffered death, torture and prossecution for talking in catalan.
> (luckily that does not happen any more)
> Although that does not change the fact that English is the "de facto" language
> in the open source world and therefore the most commong language in mailing
> lists such a this one. For that reason, I find logical to try to write in
> english for the good of all of us and not only the ones that understand the
> other languages you or whoever migh write on.
> Finally, this is just my opinion although I've seen this kind of "nettique" in
> many many mailing listis. I know there is no rule about the language, I just
> find the right thing to do to write in English (as I find the right thing do to
> let people get out from rooms before I try to get in even though there is
> nowhere a rule for that...).
> Trying to be constructive,
> Marc
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