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Sveinn í Felli sveinki at nett.is
Thu Apr 8 09:01:06 BST 2010


Þann mið  7.apr 2010 23:39, skrifaði Jim Dory:
> I don't mind being exposed to another language now and then - I might
> not be able to help much. In this case I had a couple years french in
> high school so I could pick out a couple words but overall couldn't get
> the gist of it. But doesn't bother me a bit. Write in Klingon if you
> want - makes no difference but might not get much help..

Agree, there are speakers of other languages on the list; if 
one is more comfortable in writing other language than 
(broken) english - please do so (I'm not fluent in Klingon).

What was rude in the initial mail, is that in the first 
place it was really spartan in its content ("Dans Renommer 
Le Custom Range ne fonctionne pas. Il ajoute toujours un 
digit de plus. Merci - Pierre"), it's grammatically 
incorrect AND* without any references to platform or version 
of digiKam.
Also it had an attached screenshot; normally one should 
upload such things to some sort of web location and give a 
path in the mail.

On the other hand, the message announced a (serious) 
problem, which has been taken care of. Thanks Pierre.

(*Boolean - NOT shouting)

Best regards,
Sveinn í Felli
> On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 3:30 PM, Bran Everseeking
> <bran.everseeking at sasktel.net <mailto:bran.everseeking at sasktel.net>> wrote:
>     On Wed, 07 Apr 2010 23:08:28 +0200
>     Marc Deop i Argemí <damnshock at gmail.com
>     <mailto:damnshock at gmail.com>> wrote:
>      > Don't mean to be rude but...I'm gettings tired of people writing on
>      > french. Even though I understand you because my mother tongue is
>      > Catalan, I believe it is not polite of you to write in french.
>      >
>      > Write in English please! :)
>     one of the best groups i ever belonged to had no language
>     restrictions.  I did not see anything limiting me to english when I
>     signed on.
>     if one does not get a response in a language then they might try
>     another forum or language.  Think linux users should not be
>     chauvinistic. unless they want to be ;)
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