[Digikam-users] Digikam and tagging

Andreas Weigl kde at silicoids-world.de
Fri Apr 2 21:09:41 BST 2010


Am Friday, 2. April 2010 schrieb jim junk:
> I use a somewhat different method of tagging.  If I need to I just create
>  the tags in advance in the right hand tag window.  Then I just select the
>  images I want to tag and drag them to the approriate tag or I select the
>  images I want to tag and right click and go to "assign tag". 

So basically you do it the other way around. Instead of assigning tags to an 
image you assign images to tags. This is basically the method I use for a 
bunch of images (my step 1), for instance PLACES/ENGLAND/LONDON/LONDON BRIDGE, 
because I shoot them in a row.
The problem I see with this method is that I could easily forget to assign a 
So in my opinion it would be great assign the tags in the way I described as a 
second option. 

There's still the problem that there is now easy way to view the tags that I 
assigned to an image. I've activated the "Show digikam tags" in the Album View 
options. But if there are a lot of tags digikam doesn't show them all.

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