[Digikam-users] Digikam crash when removing stars in editor

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Thu Mar 26 16:16:32 GMT 2009

> I'm not sure if everything went OK (but I didn't got any error when
> compiling), I didn't tried everything, right now it seems to work
> better, but digikam is still crashing when I'm in the editor and
> remove/edit stars from photos in the thumbnail strip.
> Is it a known problem? 
Maybe - depends on your version
> Is it possible to solve it? 
Yes! ;-)
> Should I open a new bug report?
If you are running 0.10.0 final, please open a new bug report with a backtrace 
of the crash. If you are running any release candidate, including the latest, 
please update to 0.10.0 final and test with this.

> I guess you may need some more info about the problem, please tell me
> what to do to give more useful  informations.
> Second question: There's another thing I don't understand, I don't know
> if I should consider it a bug or not... The problem is that the editor
> and the lightbox start always in fullscreen mode, when I'd like to have
> them in windowed mode. I  looked in the configuration, but couldn't find
> any option to change this behaviour, any clue?

Usually the window size is stored. The initial size, after first use, is set 
by the window manager.

> Lastly, since I work a lot with photos and digiKam, I was thinking to
> wait some more time to use version 0.10.x and install latest 0.9.x
> version, do you think such "downgrade" could be possibile (and not
> dangerous) for my collection? (I have something like 70000 shots tagged
> and starred...).

0.10.0 will convert your database to a new format that 0.9 does not 
understand. The old file is still there and untouched. But work that you do on 
the new file won't get into the old file and vice versa. You can delete the 
new file (digikam4.db) now and convert again when you definitely switch.

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