[Digikam-users] Digikam crash when removing stars in editor

gerlos gerlosgm at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 23:37:48 GMT 2009

Marcel Wiesweg ha scritto:
> > I'm not sure if everything went OK (but I didn't got any error when
> > compiling), I didn't tried everything, right now it seems to work
> > better, but digikam is still crashing when I'm in the editor and
> > remove/edit stars from photos in the thumbnail strip.
> > Is it a known problem?
> Maybe - depends on your version
> > Is it possible to solve it?
> Yes! ;-)
> > Should I open a new bug report?
> If you are running 0.10.0 final, please open a new bug report with a
> backtrace of the crash. If you are running any release candidate,
> including the latest, please update to 0.10.0 final and test with this.

Thanks for your answer!
Yes, I've installed 0.10.0 final. Here's the output of digikam --version:
Qt: 4.5.0
KDE: 4.2.1 (KDE 4.2.1)
digiKam: 0.10.0 (rev.: esportato)

I don't know how to make a backtrace, now I'm googling for it, but if
you can give me a useful link, I'll read it and open the bug.

> > Second question: There's another thing I don't understand, I don't know
> > if I should consider it a bug or not... The problem is that the editor
> > and the lightbox start always in fullscreen mode, when I'd like to have
> > them in windowed mode. I looked in the configuration, but couldn't find
> > any option to change this behaviour, any clue?
> Usually the window size is stored. The initial size, after first use,
> is set by the window manager.

OK, I understand this, but my problem is that digikam starts in
fullscreen mode, as if you type Ctrl-Alt-F, not just with windows
maximized. It hides the panel, the menu bar and window decorations, and
I need to click on the fullscreen button or type Ctrl-Alt-F to make it
switch to the usual windowed mode.
Using a different window manager (compiz instead of kwin) I saw that
this kind of behaviour don't seem to depend from it, and I can reproduce
it with either window manager.

Anyway, I "solved" moving my actual ~/.kde4/share/config/digikamrc and
reconfiguring digikam manually from defaults (I mean, maybe it's not a
solution, it's a workaround). Now it works and I'm happy.
(I don't need to say that restoring previous configuration restores the
problem also... I can reproduce it)

> > Lastly, since I work a lot with photos and digiKam, I was thinking to
> > wait some more time to use version 0.10.x and install latest 0.9.x
> > version, do you think such "downgrade" could be possibile (and not
> > dangerous) for my collection? (I have something like 70000 shots tagged
> > and starred...).
> 0.10.0 will convert your database to a new format that 0.9 does not
> understand. The old file is still there and untouched. But work that
> you do on the new file won't get into the old file and vice versa. You
> can delete the new file (digikam4.db) now and convert again when you
> definitely switch.

OK, no problem for this, I have a backup of my database before the
upgrade from version 0.9.x to 0.10.x and I told digikam to save metadata
inside the images, so I will lose really little data.
I think I'll try 0.10.0 for some more time to if it is sufficient stable
for my needs, and after that decide if I will downgrade or not.
I like very much this new version and I'd like to help testing it and
reporting bugs if I can. I think it's the minimum I can do after using
this great piece of software for so many projects of mine!
I feel that I can afford some crash once in a while if it can help
improve digikam!


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