[Digikam-users] Assigning a color profile to TIFF images does not work anymore with 0.10.0

Günther Erhard guenther.erhard at gmx.de
Sun Mar 22 15:48:14 GMT 2009

Salut Gilles,

I've used the svn versions for some time now. Yesterday I compiled the 
latest version and discovered that assigning a color profile does not 
work anymore.

Use case:
- My workspace profile is set to AdobeRGB
- I load a TIF16 image with an embedded "Nikon Adobe RGB" profile
  into the editor
- the editor asks me whether I want to convert, assign or do nothing
- I choose assign as the profiles are identical and to avoid the message
  showing again in future
- when I save this image the profile is still the "Nikon Adobe RGB"

The last version from svn which I was using until yesterday was from end 
of February and worked as expected.

BTW: I discovered an old wish (Bug 138446) in the bug database where 
some user requested a menu entry for assigning color profiles. Will it 
be implemented?

Merci !
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