[Digikam-users] (again) Database problems?

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Thu Mar 19 17:38:57 GMT 2009

> As I didn't receive answers I'm reposting my problem here to see if you
> have even a partial solution:

Well apparently something strange is happening on your system and noone has 
any idea.

> * I still can't add new albums and/or photos and the most recent pictures
> aren't visible altough they are in the disk.
> * Digikam reports files in the database which are not in the disk, I accept
> to delete them but next time that digikam is started the same report
> appears.
> * Error msgs starting digikam in the console:
> QDate::fromString: Parameter out of range
> Warning: Makernote: Pointer to next IFD is out of bounds; ignored.
> Error: Directory Iop with 8224 entries considered invalid; not read.
> Warning: IFD1: Pointer to next IFD is out of bounds; ignored.

These have no importance for your problem.
But it seems digikam is scanning pictures. Write access to db file is all 
right? But that would give error messages anyway.

> Versions: Qt: 3.3.8b  KDE: 3.5.10  digiKam: 0.9.5-beta3
> (Debian packages, ext3 filesystem)
> Now, I can only think of a few alternatives.
> a) Waiting for the next Debian package of digikam to see if it works.

Use digikam-0.10.0 is my first suggestion

> b) Trying that digikam starts a new database from scratch (is  deleting
> digikam.db enough??) losing hundreds of tags and comments but at least
> keeping my photos and being able to use the program again.

Try just moving digikam3.db. Then you wont lose anything.

> c) Wiping all signs of Digikam from muy hard disk (again losing comments
> etc) and trying to use another program (I consider them worse but they may
> work for me).
> Any ideas to keep as much as possible of the database and making digikam
> reconstruct it?

Write comments and tags to image's metadata.

> Thanks again for your help.

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