[Digikam-users] (again) Database problems?

Jaime Suarez jaime.suma at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 15:38:45 GMT 2009


As I didn't receive answers I'm reposting my problem here to see if you have
even a partial solution:

* I still can't add new albums and/or photos and the most recent pictures
aren't visible altough they are in the disk.
* Digikam reports files in the database which are not in the disk, I accept
to delete them but next time that digikam is started the same report
* Error msgs starting digikam in the console:

QDate::fromString: Parameter out of range
Warning: Makernote: Pointer to next IFD is out of bounds; ignored.
Error: Directory Iop with 8224 entries considered invalid; not read.
Warning: IFD1: Pointer to next IFD is out of bounds; ignored.

Versions: Qt: 3.3.8b  KDE: 3.5.10  digiKam: 0.9.5-beta3
(Debian packages, ext3 filesystem)

Now, I can only think of a few alternatives.
a) Waiting for the next Debian package of digikam to see if it works.
b) Trying that digikam starts a new database from scratch (is  deleting
digikam.db enough??) losing hundreds of tags and comments but at least
keeping my photos and being able to use the program again.
c) Wiping all signs of Digikam from muy hard disk (again losing comments
etc) and trying to use another program (I consider them worse but they may
work for me).

Any ideas to keep as much as possible of the database and making digikam
reconstruct it?

Thanks again for your help.
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