[Digikam-users] lots of photos and startup time

Bernd Markgraf bernd.markgraf at med.ovgu.de
Thu Jul 9 08:28:42 BST 2009


> If sqlite cannot drive large database, another DB backend need to be
> used. For me MySql sound like the right alternative, if performance
> are there of course (how to make a quick test about ?)
MySql or any other separate database sounds like a really bad idea if
you make it the default backend. Though performance would surely improve
this would mean to have another (database) server/service running. For
most users this would mean a lot of extra work and overhead. If at all
this should be optional, i.e. let the user choose which backend to use.
For me (~50k pictures) the sqlite backend works just fine (running
digikam on Solaris though). 

Btw. as I'm still using KDE 3.5.x I recently updated to digikam 0.96 and
I must say that this is the fastest version of digikam I've seen. Ever.
Improved startup time, faster image loading etc.


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