[Digikam-users] Folder structure

Allan Dreyer Andersen swoop at swoop.dk
Wed Jan 28 15:22:44 GMT 2009

Dick Angus skrev:
> > > I'm wondering, how do you organize your pictures on a folder 
> level? Do
> > > you use dates and handle everything within Digikam or do you create a
> > > folder for every event and handle the rest inside Digikam.
> >
> > Well, I simply make folders for every different ocasion I take pictures,
> > leaving the date handling to digikam and its database ;)
> Since I have a large number of old photos and slides that I have 
> scanned to create a long family history I can't use the date of the 
> photo automatically. They are all registered as the date scanned and 
> changing dates on over 7,000 photos is not on my agenda right now and 
> in many cases the year is close as I can get. I use a structure that 
> has a folder for each year and then sub-folders for major events such 
> as Christmas, Birthdays, and Vacations.
Thanks a lot for warm welcome :)

Many thanks for great input how to order the folders and pictures within 
Digikam itself. I'm not sure I got the perfect solution for me but you 
have given me good ideas I have to try out.

Venlig hilsen / Best regards
Allan Dreyer Andersen 

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