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Dick Angus RJA-Linux at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 28 15:04:21 GMT 2009

> On Wednesday 28 January 2009 11:23:09 Allan Dreyer Andersen wrote:
> > Hey all
> >
> > I'm a new user of Digikam (and DSLR for that matter too) and found it
> > very easy to use but sure there still much to learn :-)
> Welcome to the amazing world of Digikam!
> > I'm wondering, how do you organize your pictures on a folder level? Do
> > you use dates and handle everything within Digikam or do you create a
> > folder for every event and handle the rest inside Digikam.
> Well, I simply make folders for every different ocasion I take pictures,
> leaving the date handling to digikam and its database ;)
> Damnshock
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Since I have a large number of old photos and slides that I have scanned to 
create a long family history I can't use the date of the photo automatically. 
They are all registered as the date scanned and changing dates on over 7,000 
photos is not on my agenda right now and in many cases the year is close as I 
can get. I use a structure that has a folder for each year and then sub-folders 
for major events such as Christmas, Birthdays, and Vacations.

An old mainframer getting current
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