[Digikam-users] How to open RAW file in the Gimp?

Simon Oosthoek s.oosthoek at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 17 16:50:58 GMT 2009

Jacek Poplawski wrote:
> Dear Digikam users and developers,
> I am doing photos for a few years and I use Linux only. For a long
> time I was just using gqview to browse photos and Gimp to edit them.
> Now I am after session with RAW files, and gqview doesn't work anymore
> for me, so I asked people on forums and groups about alternatives, I
> tried some of them, but only digikam seams to work correctly.
> However, I am totally confused with its user interface. I am not a KDE
> user (I use xfce4).
> I am able to open album with JPEG and RAW files, but for some reason
> RAW files are created differently - digikam allows me only to open
> them in showphoto. What I want to do is to open it in Gimp, so Gimp
> will use ufraw plugin and I could edit my photo and store created JPEG
> file somewhere.
> I tried to find some kind of options or preferences, I was looking
> into to menus two or three times. Sure, there are options, but nothing
> about applications to use with given file formats.
> Could you tell me what's the fastest way to open RAW file visible in
> Digikam in any other application than showphoto? I use .orf files if
> that matters. The only way I found for now is to do it manually from
> bash.

What you need to do is to associate the raw file's mime type with
gimp-remote. I'm not sure if this is a file-association for kde only,
but the way to do it in KDE(3) is to go to the system configuration ->
default applications -> file associations and then search for the raw
mime types. If it doesn't exist, you may have to create one.

If you're running xfce4 you might try starting "kcontrol". I don't
understand why digikam doesn't have a quick link to this configuration
control, but perhaps this has never been put in a proper bug-report?



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