[Digikam-users] How to open RAW file in the Gimp?

Jacek Poplawski jacekpoplawski at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 15:43:16 GMT 2009

Dear Digikam users and developers,

I am doing photos for a few years and I use Linux only. For a long
time I was just using gqview to browse photos and Gimp to edit them.
Now I am after session with RAW files, and gqview doesn't work anymore
for me, so I asked people on forums and groups about alternatives, I
tried some of them, but only digikam seams to work correctly.

However, I am totally confused with its user interface. I am not a KDE
user (I use xfce4).

I am able to open album with JPEG and RAW files, but for some reason
RAW files are created differently - digikam allows me only to open
them in showphoto. What I want to do is to open it in Gimp, so Gimp
will use ufraw plugin and I could edit my photo and store created JPEG
file somewhere.

I tried to find some kind of options or preferences, I was looking
into to menus two or three times. Sure, there are options, but nothing
about applications to use with given file formats.

Could you tell me what's the fastest way to open RAW file visible in
Digikam in any other application than showphoto? I use .orf files if
that matters. The only way I found for now is to do it manually from

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