[Digikam-users] Fwd: Re: Exclude sub directory from Digikam ..

Gerhard Kulzer gerhardkgmx at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 16:45:05 GMT 2009

On Sunday 11 January 2009 17:35:09 Dick Angus wrote:
> > On Monday 22 December 2008 20:29:18 tulear wrote:
> > > Is it possible to exclude some directory from a collection : I'm using
> > > a Synology NAS to store my pictures and it provide also a tool to
> > > create Web Album; the issue is that this tools create many folders
> > > names @eaDir and it take to much time for Digikam to scan so many
> > > folders ...
> > >
> > > So I'd want to tell Digikam to not consider any "@eaDir" folders, ...
> > >
> > > Thank you
> >
> > Hi there,
> > no, it is not possible to prune a path below any top level collection. As
> > far as I know this feature is not planned for in the future.
> > I filter the paths I don't want to be seen in digiKam by putting a dot in
> > front of them (hiding), that's a workaround.
> >
> > Gerhard
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> Kubuntu 8.10, KDE 4.1.3, and Digikam 0.9.4(Using KDE 3.5.10) latest
> versions from the repositories in all cases.
> I tried your technique of using dot files as I also want to hide a few
> subdirectories. I had several photos with comments and tags in a few
> sub-albums under an album for that given year. In Digikam I created a new
> sub-album that I named Trash. I used Digikam to move a few photos to this
> album. I didn't call it .Trash right away as I wanted to see it for the
> move process and I wanted to keep comments and tags until I finally dispose
> of the photos or find a way to rehabilitate them. I moved the photos;
> comments, tags and all, to Trash and then renamed it .Trash. It still shows
> up when I open Digikam. Obviously I did something wrong? Is trying to use
> Digikam to preserve the comments and tags the issue?
You probably renamed it from inside digiKam:  it doesn't work that way, 
digiKam knows and keeps track. You have to add the dot outside of digikam.


> These images are all .png files so I can't store things in EXIF or IPTC
> spaces, yet. These are a bunch of photos scanned from old 35mm slides. Some
> did not scan well and I've since learned better scanning techniques. I'd
> like to isolate these from the better photos until I can handle them. It is
> awkward viewing them amongst the good photos as I tag and comment. TIA.

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