[Digikam-users] OT: photo book formats and sizes

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Fri Jan 2 23:06:05 GMT 2009

Dnia Friday 02 January 2009, Daniel Bauer napisaƂ:
> Hello everybody
> happy new year :-)

Happy :)

> Anybody here with experiences in printing photo books from digital
> pictures?

Printing for myself and designing some more general solution are two
completely different things :)

> I want to offer my clients downloadable files that they can use to
> directly order a photo book at their preferred service provider, but
> they should also be able to print the contents on their own printer, if
> they want so, or just look at the pictures in large format on their
> screen...
> I'd prefer to create complete pdf's with envelope and designed content.
> Now I don't know what formats and sizes I'd use best. After googling I
> guess each service provider asks for its own formats and sizes, but I
> have to find something in the middle that is usable for many.

Various printers and drivers can go weird if size of file isn't matched
in paper in tray so you should provide both A4 and Letter. Of course
layout can be the same but files should be prepared separately.

> As "letter" is smaller than "A4" I guess this would be the size to
> prefer? 

Letter -> 216x279
A4     -> 210x297

A4 is narrower but higher. If you want the same layout you have to
create your own "format" which will fit on both papers.

> I have seen a provider that asks for 305dpi, while I deliver
> printable pictures in 300dpi since decades to my partners...

Maybe there is fault and he wants 350dpi? This is becoming more popular


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