[Digikam-users] Large JPG sizes produced by RAW Image batch converter

Rei Shinozuka shino at panix.com
Sat Dec 26 17:52:14 GMT 2009

First, I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.

I've been a digikam user for 2-3 years, ever since I got my first camera 
which made RAW images.

I sometimes use RAW+JPG output on my camera, but on my camera (Leica M8) 
it slows down processing noticably, so I'd rather do that processing on 
my computer.  I can use digikam to make JPGs in the RAW Image Batch 
Converter, which does its job very well.

The Raw files (DNGs) are 10.1 MB from the 10.3 megapixel camera, and 
in-camera JPGs range from 2.3 to 3.1 MBs. 

When I use Digikam's Batch Converter to make JPGs from DNGs, they are 
much larger than in-camera JPGs, say 7-11MBs compared to 2-3MBs.  I 
generally don't use JPGs for "critical" use, so perhaps the 
Digikam-produced JPGs are set to a very high quality?  (When I save JPGs 
and have the option to choose quality, I usually use a quality of 
92%-95% or so).

Is there a way of adjusting quality of JPGs in Digikam raw image batch 
converter to result in smaller 2-3MB JPGs?

Thank you very much,


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