[Digikam-users] Should digiKam have an embedded image extractor tool ? Was: Building a better raw conversion tool for digiKam ?

Photonoxx photonoxx at free.fr
Wed Dec 23 23:23:18 GMT 2009

Le Wed, 23 Dec 2009 22:53:50 +0100, Linuxguy123 <linuxguy123 at gmail.com> a  

> Now that I realize that raw files contain one or more embedded jpg
> images, some of considerable size, I'm wondering if a tool should be
> added to digiKam to extract the image in addition to or in lieu of doing
> a raw conversion ?
> Here I am sitting with several thousand raw files with no jpgs.  I only
> need a full size jpg for images that are going to be printed in large
> formats.  As we know from our discussions here today, generating jpgs
> from raws that consistently look as good as the in camera jpgs is time
> consuming.
> So why don't I just generate all my jpgs from the jpg embedded in the
> raw, at least as a starting point.  I can do that via a command line
> script easily enough and I probably will.
> This brings about an interesting question: is there demand to build this
> functionality right into digiKam ?
> Thanks

I'm not sure to understand you, but, if you mean embed JPEG could be used  
to workflow I have some doubts...

Generally, I think embed JPEG are not mainly in full resolution nor  
compressed with a fine quality set. If not why the RAW+JPG shooting mode  
exist ?

After, I think it's easily possible to extract embed JPG from RAW file  
with command line tool like Exiftool or Exiv2 (it's what Digikam use to  
show preview I think). And more you can use software like Nautilus-actions  
tool to automatise this for a whole repertory or a selection of files, but  
I don't see here the advantage to shoot in RAW in this case. ;)

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