[Digikam-users] Should digiKam have an embedded image extractor tool ? Was: Building a better raw conversion tool for digiKam ?

Milan Knížek knizek.confy at volny.cz
Thu Dec 24 08:45:56 GMT 2009

Photonoxx píše v Čt 24. 12. 2009 v 00:23 +0100:

> Generally, I think embed JPEG are not mainly in full resolution nor  
> compressed with a fine quality set. If not why the RAW+JPG shooting mode  
> exist ?
That depends on the camera - EOS 5D MII produces 21 Mpx image, which is
too much. I put images on web to display and for this the large preview
is more than good usually. I still keep raw files to be able to convert
those images I would like to print or where the camera JPEG failed.

> After, I think it's easily possible to extract embed JPG from RAW file  
> with command line tool like Exiftool or Exiv2 (it's what Digikam use to  
> show preview I think). And more you can use software like Nautilus-actions  
> tool to automatise this for a whole repertory or a selection of files, but  
> I don't see here the advantage to shoot in RAW in this case. ;)

It is about convenience - I have quickly camera JPEGs previews available
in acceptable quality and keep raw as a backup (negative?). It is
difficult to convert raw files on slow netbooks.

And, I recall that some old Canon camera (10D? 300D?) recorded full
resolution JPEG directly in CR2 file (in shooting mode RAW+JPEG), so it
needed to be extracted anyway.

At the moment, I still use CLI script to rename raw files (digikam keeps
the ugly upper case extensions), extract the large preview JPEG and move
CR2 files to a subdirectory. It is faster then handling within digikam,
but I admit it depends on what the photographer wants.


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