[Digikam-users] compatible galery

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Wed Dec 9 09:00:50 GMT 2009

Le 09/12/2009 09:53, Marie-Noëlle Augendre a écrit :
> There is also piwigo.com if you feel like it; that would solve both
> the host and the backup problem.
> I think the accounts are free during the beta-test period.

I will get a look, but I have a full server of my own on the net, so I
like better use it :-)

I also wonder what will be the security options on this site: I know,
for example, that picasa web gallery have nearly no security (images
are nearly open to anybody on the web) and claim rights on any images
uploaded on it's site wich I think thrilling :-(



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