[Digikam-users] tags: wrong IPTC and XMP information

Leonardo Canducci leonardo.canducci at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 21:23:01 BST 2009

2009/8/25 Milan Knížek <knizek.confy at volny.cz>:
> Leonardo Canducci píše v Po 24. 08. 2009 v 21:34 +0200:
>> It still uses "/" in XMP in the "tag list" field but not in IPTC. I'd
>> really like hierarchy to be consisten among apps. F-spot and geeqie
>> detect tag but hierarchy is lost.
> This is a matter of preference, some may prefer to have keywords w/o
> hierarchy in general purpose metadata (like IPTC).
> Anyway, I do not think it is wise to tag images with several apps in
> parallel. Not all of them will update IPTC or XMP (tiff, adobe, ...)
> keywords the same way as digiKam does and you may actually get a mess in
> tags sooner or later.
I don't plan to tag photo with several apps but I definitely want
compatibility with other apps and OSs (my wife's mac or my parent's pc
or other some other linux box with a capable viewer). I expect photos
to last longer (50 years?) than any app I'm currently using  and for
what concern tagging sure I don't want to start over every time I'm
forced to change platform. Tagging is very time consuming and can only
be done a short time after a picture is taken.
>> What about the sync problem? Tags are didn't match XMP info until I
>> clicked sync with db in album menu. Could it be because I'm running
>> digikam in a gnome desktop? Should I take care about syncing db every
>> time I run digikam? It seems strange.
> I think that digiKam sync's images' metadata only on some operations
> (like assigning a new tag), while it does not on others (like renaming
> existing tag, moving tag in the hierarchy). The reason may be that
> sync'ing on the latter operations would lead to high disk activity,
> possibly comparable to what happens when you sync the complete database
> manually.
I only assigned new tags to photos. Some of them were saved as XMP and
IPTC data, some not and some were assigned to the wrong JPEG while
tags showed in thumbnails were right. Anyway what I would expect is
that when I tag a photo data is written immediately on JPEG metadata
as set in preferences. I assumed that db syncing was an emergency task
for currupted db or metadata info. Maybe I'm wrong.

Thanks for helping.
Leonardo Canducci

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