[Digikam-users] tags: wrong IPTC and XMP information

Milan Knížek knizek.confy at volny.cz
Wed Aug 26 19:45:20 BST 2009

Leonardo Canducci píše v Út 25. 08. 2009 v 22:23 +0200:
> 2009/8/25 Milan Knížek <knizek.confy at volny.cz>:
> > Anyway, I do not think it is wise to tag images with several apps in
> > parallel. Not all of them will update IPTC or XMP (tiff, adobe, ...)
> > keywords the same way as digiKam does and you may actually get a mess in
> > tags sooner or later.
> I don't plan to tag photo with several apps but I definitely want
> compatibility with other apps and OSs (my wife's mac or my parent's pc
> or other some other linux box with a capable viewer). I expect photos
> to last longer (50 years?) than any app I'm currently using  and for
> what concern tagging sure I don't want to start over every time I'm
> forced to change platform. Tagging is very time consuming and can only
> be done a short time after a picture is taken.

My plan is to have the tags somewhere in the MetaData (if it is
xmp.digikam..., then it is fine). Once I possibly find a new application
for cataloguing my pictures, I will use some bash scripts (with exiv2)
to reorganise the tags to meet the way how they are stored with the new

(I did the same when migrating from MaPiVi to digiKam - MaPiVi saved
tags in IPTC keywords using "." as a separator.)

Of course, it would be nice if digiKam allowed the user to set a
compatibility flag and store metadata in accordance with it. I just
wonder who would volunteer for implementation...


Milan Knizek
knizek (dot) confy (at) volny (dot) cz
http://www.milan-knizek.net - About linux and photography (Czech
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