[Digikam-users] tags: wrong IPTC and XMP information

Leonardo Canducci leonardo.canducci at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 20:34:29 BST 2009

2009/8/24 Micha? Smoczyk <admin at nocnyrzepin.net>:
> Leonardo Canducci wrote :
>> 2009/8/24 Micha? Smoczyk <admin at nocnyrzepin.net>:
>>> Leonardo Canducci wrote:
>>>> They were there indeed but hierarchy was lost
>>> If I'm right, tag list hierarchy is saved in distinct XMP digikam
>>> schema.
>> Does that mean that tag hierarchy is recognized in digikam only?
> I think yes.
> I remember that earlier versions of digiKam I've used (0.9.x for
> example) tag hierarchy was saved using "/" in IPTC and XMP Keywords
> fields. But it was changed in some next version (0.10.0?).
It still uses "/" in XMP in the "tag list" field but not in IPTC. I'd
really like hierarchy to be consisten among apps. F-spot and geeqie
detect tag but hierarchy is lost.

What about the sync problem? Tags are didn't match XMP info until I
clicked sync with db in album menu. Could it be because I'm running
digikam in a gnome desktop? Should I take care about syncing db every
time I run digikam? It seems strange.

Leonardo Canducci

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