[Digikam-users] tags: wrong IPTC and XMP information

Micha? Smoczyk admin at nocnyrzepin.net
Mon Aug 24 14:28:32 BST 2009

Leonardo Canducci wrote :

> 2009/8/24 Micha? Smoczyk <admin at nocnyrzepin.net>:
>> Leonardo Canducci wrote:
>>> They were there indeed but hierarchy was lost
>> If I'm right, tag list hierarchy is saved in distinct XMP digikam
>> schema.
> Does that mean that tag hierarchy is recognized in digikam only?

I think yes.

I remember that earlier versions of digiKam I've used (0.9.x for
example) tag hierarchy was saved using "/" in IPTC and XMP Keywords
fields. But it was changed in some next version (0.10.0?).

It drived me (I always embed tags in image files), after importing
my pictures to new digiKam version in some moment, to inconsistency
in tags.
Some tags are written with hierarchy (written by earlier dk
versions), some without one (written by new version), even the same
in the same picture - for example 'topics/botany/plants/plant
communities' and 'plant communities' coexists in my files. I see no
solution but manually update all tags. But I have many thousands of
photographs, so I've leave it like it is.

BTW, you can see tag hierarchy in right metadata sidebar in XMP tab
in 'digiKam schema' as Tags List field. Regards,

/\/\ichau, admin [malpka] nocnyrzepin [kropa] net

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