[Digikam-users] how to import old Database in new Digikam?

Peter Aschenberger peter.aschenberger at gmx.at
Mon Aug 17 20:24:06 BST 2009

OK, I have made the first step: Digikam has found the old database and 
imported the tags and comments.

But the pics are not assigned with the comments and the tags. So, I have all 
of the metadata but without any connection to the pics. How can I fix that?

Or is it a solution to write the metadata into the pictures with the old 
digikam-version? How can I do that?

Best regards
Peter Aschenberger

Am Sonntag 16 August 2009 19:25:59 schrieb Tim Jenness:
> Digikam 1.0.0 should find the digikam3.db file in the directory that you
> nominated to write the database file and it should create a new digikam4.db
> database derivd from it. This "just worked" for me (I write all metadata to
> images anyhow, but videos imported with all tags and comments retained). I
> will note that it doesn't seem to say anywhere in the readme that digikam
> will automatically update an older database.
> Tim

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