[Digikam-users] how to import old Database in new Digikam?

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sun Aug 16 21:08:20 BST 2009

> Hello,
> I have updated my system to a brand new Sidux (Debian Sid) and Digikam
> 1.0.0. Beforhand I used the Version 0.9.4 and I haven't changed the
> file-hirarchy of the pics. The question is: How do I get my comments and
> tags, that I made under 0.9.4 into the new version?

If you have a brand new system you probably dont have the config file of the 
old digikam which helps finding the old file. I also assume you have already 
started digikam 1.0-betax once. Then you can change in the setup the database 
directory to the old file hierarchy. digikam will prompt you about finding the 
old database, choose to upgrade.

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