[Digikam-users] Incorrect thumbnails for *.CR2 Canon RAW files in the transfer window

Guillaume Castagnino guillaume.castagnino at telecomitalia.fr
Tue Jul 15 09:34:05 BST 2008

Le mardi 15 juillet 2008, spade2008 a écrit :
> Then I tried to change the camera menu option "Communication" from
> "Print/PTP" to "PC connection". The camera is not detected at the
> first off/on sequence, but correctly at the 2nd one. It is
> automatically added in the "Camera" menu of Digikam as "Canon Digital
> Rebel XT (normal mode)". Miracle ! the thumbnails are correctly
> displayed in the transfer window.
> I remember that the "PC connection" option was the default one, but I
> switched to "Print/PTP" because the camera was never detected. Since
> this decision, many packages have been updated and maybe some of them
> (for example libgphoto) make the camera to be detected.

"PC connection" uses the Canon proprietary communication protocol 
(reverse engineered), "Print/PTP" uses the PTP one (should be better 
supported as it is standard).

libgphoto manage the two. You can notice that the product id of the 
camera change when you switch the protocol (from 
http://www.teaser.fr/~hfiguiere/linux/digicam.html) :
Canon EOS 350D
    0x04a9/0x30ef (PTP)
    0x04a9/0x30ee (canon)
CF II 	PTP (usb)
gphoto2/ptp (usb)
gphoto2/canon (usb)


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