[Digikam-users] How to build Digikam?

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Fri Jul 11 13:49:47 BST 2008

> Hooray,
> after a fresh checkout, everything compiles again, thanks for fixing it!
> However, I still can't see any thumbnails/images. Let me describe a few
> more strange things I experience here:
> - When running cmake ... from a build dir within graphics/, all the cmake
> stuff like CMakeCache.txt, CMakeFiles/, etc was created in graphics/ itself
> instead of graphics/build . Compiling in graphics/ work fine, however.
> - In the config dialog Settings->Config digikam->Kipi Plugins, it says "0
> Kipi plugins found", although I compiled and installed them from svn, too.
> - I tried to import images manually, but the "Add Images" button in
> the "Import" menu is grayed out and can't be used.
> - My album structure, tag structure and saved searches appear as in the old
> digikam, but the timeline view is empty.
> - The "Batch" and "Export" menus are missing: The buttons appear in the
> menu bar, but clicking them does not expand any menu.
> Is the above to be expected in this beta or rather a sign that something
> wasn't set up properly here? I'm really looking forward to testing the new
> digikam, so any help in sorting out these issues is greatly appreciated!

That's all symptoms of the same disease, that in your setup KDE does not find 
installed files. Therefore you have no plugins of any sort, you have no 
ioslaves (you dont see any pictures, timeline is empty), you have no export 
What you still see (albums, tags, searches) comes from the digikam database 
file without any further libs or plugins.


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