[Digikam-users] Multiple devices archive

Kristo Kivisaar kristo at kivisaar.com
Thu Jul 3 07:28:53 BST 2008


Possible i searching non-existing feature. I have laptop where i store my
pictures. But now it is full and i want archive some albums different device
(external HDD / internet FTP etc). From digikam i can archive CD/DVD etc,
but not HDD or my own internet site. If i move from konqueror albums
external HDD then i lost all meta data (name, tags etc). I think, very cool
if can export albums  different media, but don't delete thumbnails, tags etc
(only original pictures).  Then i can search pictures from digikam and
digikam  point meida, where are picture (external media).

Can i do this today, or it is non-existing feature ?

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