[Digikam-users] Album views - completely broken IMHO

Chris G cl at isbd.net
Thu Jul 3 21:43:48 BST 2008

I have just been playing with the various View-Sort Album options
and it seems to me that they're completely pointless and/or broken.
The fundamental problem I think is that the View options don't seem to
think one can possibly have a hierarchy of albums.

OK, the default View-Sort Albums-By Folder is reasonably OK except
that there is no way of specifying the sort in the folders. What the
option *actually* means is sort albums alphabetically.  It would be
really, really nice if one could specify other sorts (i.e. like ls,
sort by modification date, extension, version, etc.).

I really can't see any point in View-Sort Albums-By Collection as all
that happens is that all albums in a specific collection are put in
one place in what is essentially the same order as you get in
View-Sort Albums-By Folder.  It includes empty albums and albums which
are just place holders in a hierarchy.

Similarly with View-Sort Albums-By Date.  I have albums in a (sort of)
date hierarchy, e.g. I have an album 1984 (which has no images in it)
and then albums within 1984, mostly for specific months, with images
in them.  If I set the date in the album properties for all my 1984
albums I get all the January 1984 albums displayed in '1984, January'
but they are ordered *alphabetically* - aarrgghh!!

Surely other users want to order images by date, with albums ordered
by date too, but in a hierarchy so one can view 1984 and see
everything in chronological order in 1984.  Am I missing something or
is this really not possible?

Everything else about digikam is just about perfect but this date
ordering is driving me crazy!  :-)

Chris Green

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