[Digikam-users] svn: crash when opening editor

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Mon Feb 25 20:02:06 CET 2008

> So, something more I found out...:
> kdegraphics3 depends on libexiv2. If I just install libexiv2 (without
> kdegraphics3) svn digikam runs. If I install kdegraphics3 digikam crashes.
> Now I de-install libexiv2 but leaving kde3graphics installed (ignoring
> dependencies), digikam runs...
> So, it is a game between kdegraphics3 and libexiv2 that makes digikam
> crash. Each of the libraries alone is ok, but together not...
> Next I installed exiv2-0.16 from tar into /usr. That doesn't disturb
> digikam. But now konqueror, gwenview etc. are missing libexiv2.so.0,
> because I now have libexiv2.so.2.
> So I guess I'll have to uninstall exiv2-0.16 and reinstall suse's libexiv2
> 0.15-8.2 again, which will crash digikam but leave me a running system...

That's exactly the kind of version mixup of libexiv2. Some KDE libs load 
libexiv2.so.0, and digikam is compiled against libexiv2.so.2. It crashes when 
loading so.0. For some reason the libs are binary incompatible, but the 
linker does not notice. Why this is the case I leave to others to comment 
(that means, I dont know).

> Anyway I wonder why the svn installed in home looks
> after /usr/lib/libexiv2.so.0 (as in the backtrace of the crash)...
> kind regards
> Daniel

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