[Digikam-users] svn: crash when opening editor

Caspar Maessen cmaessen at casco.demon.nl
Mon Feb 25 19:28:01 CET 2008

Op maandag 25 februari 2008, schreef Daniel Bauer:

  > Next I installed exiv2-0.16 from tar into /usr. That doesn't
  > disturb digikam. But now konqueror, gwenview etc. are missing
  > libexiv2.so.0, because I now have libexiv2.so.2.
This is exactly what I was meaning to write to you. This fact made me 
stop using the svn-version of exiv2 in my script.
  > So I guess I'll have to uninstall exiv2-0.16 and reinstall suse's
  > libexiv2 0.15-8.2 again, which will crash digikam but leave me a
  > running system...
Indeed that is what I did, but my install of digikam runs smoothly. 
Currently 0.9.4svn compiled from serial 777831. The difference is that 
I compile and install in standard /opt/kde3. I once tried to compile 
and install in my homedir but that totally failed. I didn't bother to 
get that working, in the knowledge that a standard-install works 
flawless for me. 
  > Anyway I wonder why the svn installed in home looks
  > after /usr/lib/libexiv2.so.0 (as in the backtrace of the crash)...
I don't know about this, but it looks like a version mixup to me. 
Probably the old 0.15 libexiv2 was installed together with kdegraphics, 
and used to compile digikam against. If subsequently digikam uses 0.16 
functions (don't ask me how this can happen) then I can imagine that it 

Now you have uninstalled 0.16 and installed 0.15-8.2, I suggest you try 
to recompile digikam-libs and digikam manually in your homedir. If this 
doesn't work, then maybe my way is an option for you. 

Hope you will succeed and get digikam working, because there is no 
photograpic life without it under linux... ;-)


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